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Business owners and building facility managers everywhere are discovering the many benefits of today's advanced technology window films. Quickly and efficiently installed, with a minimum of disturbance to business or office routine.

Increased Energy Efficiency
By rejecting up to 77 percent of the sun's total solar energy The Tint Shop film installation provides business owners and managers with an economical way to improve your bottom line. Window films reject the solar energy during the summer and retain heat by insulating the glass during the winter. Not only does window film enhance building appearance and improve occupant comfort, it dramatically increases energy efficiency - reducing operating expenses year after year.


Improved Appearance
The Tint Shop can provide an elegant look to the exterior of any building, storefront or restaurant, regardless of architectural design. Window film in commercial buildings is the most cost-effective way to rejuvenate a property's exterior appearance. We offer a variety of colors and shades' enabling you to coordinate the film to the building's interior or exterior for a more modern, contemporary look. Improved appearance is just the beginning of the story.

Improved Comfort
Business owners, managers and tenants will immediately notice the increased comfort provided by The Tint Shop commercial window films. Uncomfortable "hot spots" are reduced or eliminated. Annoying glare, which can "wash out" computer screens is minimized. Employee and tenant complaints will be reduced because building temperatures will be easier to regulate.

Reduced Fading
The sun's ultraviolet light is a major contributor to the fading of draperies, carpets, furnishings and storefront display items. The Tint Shop can apply films, which reject up to 98 percent of the sun's harmful and damaging ultraviolet light. In addition, buildings tinted by The Tint Shop are safer because they protect your investment from the ultraviolet threat.

Increased Safety
The Tint Shop films provide an increased measure of shatter resistance to windows and glass doors because the film and it's special mounting adhesive helps hold glass fragments in place. However, if safety and security are paramount concerns, The Tint Shop also offers Armorgard®, a series of tough, shatter resistant window films.

The Tint Shop's Superior Products, Expert Installation by factory trained technicians, and un-matched Customer Service is the fiber that protects and builds our reputation day to day!

Call us at 209.524.8468 or send an email to today for a no cost consultation and review of the film performance that you desire to protect your auto, home, and business!

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