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Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, old or new, it deserves the very best to preserve its charm and value. Panorama designer window films are unique high performance products resulting from the latest technology - films that no longer need to be dark, nor highly reflective to provide impressive energy rejection performance while being almost undetectable when installed. These unique films improve occupant comfort, enhance aesthetics and increase security.

Raising The Standard
The Tint Shop designer films are manufactured using an exclusive technology and won't compromise appearance for performance or vice versa. The dual-reflective films are available in a variety of shades of Slate Grey or Autumn Bronze to complement any interior décor or exterior facade. These premium films offer the ultimate in solar control with exceptionally low interior reflectivity at night.

Panorama window films provide you with the advantages of a long-lasting adhesive system and a proven scratch-resistant coating called Durogard. Best of all, Panorama designer films come with a strong, factory-backed warranty for your peace of mind. In short, installing Panorama designer film is the very best act you can do for your home.

Improving The Comfort Of Your Home
Because Panorama does such an effective job of blocking solar heat, uncomfortable warm areas near windows and glass doors are reduced or eliminated. In addition, Panorama designer films do a masterful job of reducing annoying glare - so you won't have to close the drapes or adjust the blinds. In fact, you'll be able to enjoy the view year round without squinting at the glare from the pool or a fresh blanket of snow.

Provides Benefits All Year Round
Panorama designer films block almost 100 percent of damaging and harmful ultraviolet and reject up to 82 percent of total solar energy. Combined, these performance features will help:

  • Reject solar heat to maintain a comfortable, consistent temperature
  • Reduce hot spots around windows and glass doors
  • Improve occupant comfort
  • Extend the life of valuable furnishings, window treatments and carpeting
  • Reduce glare for a clear view year-round
  • Cut air conditioning loads and utility bills
  • Enhance the appearance of older buildings and complements the design of new ones
  • Are affordable and convenient for retrofitting
  • Offer quick availability versus waiting for special-order tinted glass
  • Are available in a wide range of styles to meet individual performance and design needs
  • Are insulated glass (IG) unit safe (ask for film-to-glass application guidance)
  • Come with a strong factory-backed warranty
Panorama designer films also provide a measure of safety by helping to hold glass together in case of an accident, protecting family and pets - a comforting thought. If safety is a primary concern, The Tint Shop also offers Armorcoat safety and security films.
Concerned About Safety? Armorcoat Is The Answer
Armorcoat is a tough, resilient safety and security film available in clear or a variety of tinted versions. Because it helps strengthen glass, Armorcoat provides increased protection from windstorms, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other acts of nature. Armorcoat also helps eliminate flying glass shards - a major hazard of untreated glass. Finally, Armorcoat helps deter would-be burglars who typically smash a pane of glass in a door or window to gain access to your home.
Armorcoat Delivers Added Benefits
  • Strengthens windows and glass doors
  • Increases shatter-resistance to help hold broken glass in place
  • Decreases risk of injury from glass shards in accidents and explosions
  • Reduces damage from windstorms and other natural catastrophes
  • Helps deter burglars
    Deters "smash-and-grab" thefts in businesses
  • Reduces injuries caused by human-to-glass impacts
  • Rejects almost 100 percent of damaging ultraviolet
  • Helps protects valuable furnishings, window treatments and carpeting against fading
  • Available from 4 to 14 mils thick, in both clear and solar safety versions
  • Select Armorcoat films have passed the impact requirements of Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) testing, Title 16 Part 1201 Category II for architectural glazing materials impact standards
  • Strong factory-backed warranty

The Tint Shop's Superior Products, Expert Installation by factory trained technicians, and un-matched Customer Service is the fiber that protects and builds our reputation day to day!

Call us at 209.524.8468 or send an email to today for a no cost consultation and review of the film performance that you desire to protect your auto, home, and business!

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