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Let The Tint Shop Be Your "Sun Screen"
Damage from the sun's harmful ultraviolet is the primary cause of fading to your furnishings. To shield your valuables, The Tint Shop applies Solar Gard® residential films rejecting almost 100 percent of damaging ultraviolet and up to 77% of total solar energy protecting your valuable furniture, draperies and rugs.

There's A Film Perfect For Your Home
The Tint Shop residential films complement any style home and are available in a variety of shades, colors and performance levels. You can choose from lighter, more subtle films your eye will hardly notice, to more reflective films for greater privacy and higher performance.

Keeping You Safe
Although not specifically designed as a safety film, The Tint Shop residential films help hold broken glass in place, providing an increased measure of shatter resistance to windows and glass doors. If safety is a primary concern, ask our professionals about Armorgard® safety and security films.

The Tint Shop Quality
All films are made with the highest quality raw materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques. And to keep the film looking new for years to come, The Tint Shop's residential films are treated with a durable scratch resistant coating that helps prevent scratches, scrapes and other blemishes that could tarnish the appearance of the film. A durable mounting adhesive insures performance year after year. We take great pride in our products and to prove it, all films carry the strongest product warranty coverage available for residential applications.

The Tint Shop's Superior Products, Expert Installation by factory trained technicians, and un-matched Customer Service is the fiber that protects and builds our reputation day to day!

Call us at 209.524.8468 or send an email to today for a no cost consultation and review of the film performance that you desire to protect your auto, home, and business!

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