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Because it’s thicker than standard window film, Armorgard® actually makes glass stronger and more resistant to breakage. Thick strong layers of polyester held together by extra strength laminating adhesives is what makes Armorgard safety and security films exceptionally tough. Once installed to the inside surface of glass, the special mounting adhesive forms a molecular bond, strengthening the overall integrity of the pane.

Protection From Flying Glass & Water Damage
Dangerous glass shards caused by accidents or explosions can harm family members or employees. Natural disasters can also send glass flying through the home or workplace. The Tint Shop safety and security films help hold shattered glass together, reducing the threat of serious injuries caused by deadly flying shards. When broken glass is held in place during a storm, additional protection from water damage can be experienced.

Protection From Burglars
When a burglar breaks a window, he can gain access to your home or business within seconds. The Tint Shop Safety and Security films help deter would-be thieves by withstanding blows that would shatter untreated glass. Police have credited Armorgard® with deterring thefts at department stores, computer outlets, clothing chains and numerous other retail, commercial and residential locations.

Protection Against The Sun
Although all Armorgard® films block almost 100 percent of damaging ultraviolet, the tinted versions also reject up to 77 percent of the sun’s heat. This solar energy rejection performance capability helps protect your valuable furnishings from premature fading, improves occupant comfort, reduces energy bills and enhances the appearance of your home or office. Few products provide so many benefits.

Pick Your Protection
The Tint Shop Safety and Security films range in thickness from 2mil to 14mil providing varying degrees of anti-penetration resistance. In addition to the clear undetectable films, we also offer a variety of solar energy rejecting tinted versions.

Solution To Vandalism
Any smooth surface exposed to public vandalism and everyday wear and tear can be easily and inexpensively protected by Graffitigard®. Similar in construction to a safety film product, Graffitigard® is a clear removable protective film, engineered to protect surfaces from spray paints, gouging and scratching.
Barrier Against Damage
Once Graffitigard® is installed, it acts as an invisible barrier between your valuable property and malicious vandals. After an incident you don’t have to worry about costly clean-up. Graffitigard® is easily removed and a new piece can be quickly installed. Protect your property from a vandals next target with Graffitigard®.
The Tint Shop's Superior Products, Expert Installation by factory trained technicians, and un-matched Customer Service is the fiber that protects and builds our reputation day to day!

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